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Tips for Preventing Spider Veins

by Javier Bell

Spider veins, which get their name from their web-like appearance, occur when the small, thin blood vessels near the skin's surface dilate and blood collects. Although they are typically harmless and don't cause discomfort, you still want to prevent spider veins from forming. Here are a few simple tips to help you lower your chances of developing spider veins.

Remain Active

Spider veins typically occur in the legs, but they can happen in your arms and face as well. Prevent the pooling of blood in dilated in by keeping your blood circulating in regular activity. Take walks, run on a treadmill, or do whatever you can to get up off the couch and keep your blood pumping. If you must sit down at work, get up every few minutes and take a walk around the office.

Avoid crossing your legs while sitting. This can place strain on the veins in your legs, which can damage the valves and increase the danger of developing spider veins. Standing still for long periods also places pressure on your veins. If you must stand for a long period, move your legs and weight from one leg to the next to help prevent putting too much pressure on both legs for too long.

Wear the Right Clothing

Avoid clothing that is tight and restrictive, particularly tight-fitting pants. Skinny jeans look great, but they can make it difficult for blood to circulate properly. Instead, wear loose fitting clothing that allows your legs to stretch and move freely and doesn't squeeze your waist. Stay away from high heels as much as possible as these can also make it difficult for blood to circulate properly in your legs.

Ask your doctor about the benefits of compression socks. Pants and skirts that fit tightly around your waist push blood down into your legs. Compression socks help prevent blood from pooling in your feet and pushes it up towards your heart, where it can circulate more freely.

If You Still Get Spider Veins

Unfortunately, genetics, pregnancy, and other factors can place people at risk of developing spider veins. Luckily, spider veins are easy to eliminate. A simple procedure that involves closing the veins will quickly eliminate spider veins without causing any damaging to the surrounding skin. It takes only minutes to get rid of unsightly spider veins and you will be able to go about enjoying your life again. If you want to learn more, contact local spider vein treatment services.