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Top 3 Tips For Making Your Botox Treatments Last Longer

by Javier Bell

Botox injections can smooth out your skin, giving you a more youthful appearance. However, Botox is not a permanent treatment. It usually lasts anywhere from three to six months, after which you'll need another injection if you want to maintain the appearance you got from the Botox. If you can make your Botox injections last for as long as possible, you'll need fewer injections over time, and you'll save money as well. Take a look at some tips that can help you make the effects of your Botox injection last as long as possible.

Practice Sun Safety

You probably already know that too much sun exposure can damage your skin. You should always be careful about how much sun you expose yourself to. However, you should be especially careful after Botox injections, particularly if you want the injection to last as long as possible.

While the sun won't cause any negative interactions with the Botox, exposure to the sun does help dilate the blood vessels in your skin, which helps increase blood circulation. This is a perfectly normal occurrence, but after Botox injections, this increased circulation can cause faster diffusion of the Botox injection than you might like, diminishing the effects sooner rather than later. Make sure that you wear sunscreen every time you go outdoors and consider using a hat or other protection if you're going to spend extended time in the sun.

Keep Your Stress Levels Under Control

You've probably heard the phrase "stress lines" used to describe some of the lines that you develop on your face. It's true that stress, among other things, can contribute to the aging process and help create the lines that caused you to want Botox in the first place. If your stress levels remain high, they can also contribute to your Botox injections wearing off faster.

It's not the facial expressions that you make when you're stressed that affect your Botox injections, it's the hormones your brain releases when you feel stressed. High stress levels cause your brain to release various stress hormones that have the effect of accelerating signs of aging, and this can cause your Botox injection effects to wear off faster. While you should try to avoid unnecessary stress, not all stress is avoidable. However, you can reduce the negative effects of stress on your face by practicing stress-relief strategies like yoga or mindfulness meditation.

Ask Your Doctor About a Zinc Supplement

Maintaining a healthy diet is important for your skin care generally. Staying well-hydrated and consuming healthy, fresh, and unprocessed food can help you keep your skin in great shape. However, you may not be getting everything that you need to maintain your Botox injections from diet alone. Your doctor may be able to suggest a supplement that can help.

A combination of the mineral zinc and the enzyme phytase has been shown in one study to increase the effectiveness of Botox and increase the duration of the injection by as much as 30%. Zinc aids in the neurotoxin effects of the Botox, and the enzyme phytase causes the zinc to break down more quickly, increasing its effects on the Botox. The combination of the two, along with a Botox injection, functions as a booster for your Botox. However, the supplement is still being studied, and some participants reported that the supplement was too effective, causing adverse reactions like an inability to close their eyes properly. Therefore, it's important to ask your doctor if this kind of supplement is right for you before taking it.

If you're considering Botox injections, you will definitely want to make sure that they last as long as possible. Talk to your doctor about your lifestyle, diet, and underlying health so they can recommend strategies you can use to increase the effectiveness of your Botox injections.