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Adult Acne: How To Deal With It

by Javier Bell

Acne doesn't just affect teenagers with raging hormones, it can affect grown adults as well. Although it seems like something a teen should be going through, not an adult dealing with other adult issues. It doesn't seem fair, but acne doesn't doesn't discriminate. As an adult, you should know how to deal with your acne to help clear it up as quickly as possible without any after effects such as scarring. See below for tips on how to deal with your adult acne.

Leave Your Face Alone

Leave your hands off of your face to prevent worsening your acne by spreading germs to your face or spreading oils either to your face or spreading it around your face further. Your hands carry germs and oils, just think about the things you touch on a daily basis. Keep your hands off of your face and never pick at pimples or attempt to pop your pimples, as you can cause scars.

Keep It Clean

Keep your face clean by using a face wash that serves the needs of your skin. If you need more hydration, need to clean your pores or need something to help clear up dark spots, look for a cleanser that helps with these things. Read labels and pay attention to what is in the face wash. If any face wash irritates your skin leaving it red or itchy, discontinue use of the product. Clean your face before bed and in the morning, and never sleep in your makeup, as you can clog your pores.

Apply Moisturizer

It may seem like adding moisturizer will cause your pores to clog or add oil to your skin, but actually adding a daily facial moisturizer will help hydrate your skin. Dry skin can cause your body to produce more oil, which can lead to acne, so adding a daily moisturizer will help your skin - not hurt it. Look for a moisturizer that is light and not too oily. 

Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Water helps to keep your skin hydrated and can clear up your skin. Skip out on your daily soda or other sugary drink and replace it with water instead. You should be drinking at least 8 - 10 glasses of water per day to keep you hydrated.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Sleep has a great number of benefits and your skin is one of them. Getting plenty of rest will show up in your skin, so be sure to get to bed early at night and get a good nights rest. Try to avoid caffeine before bed to ensure you get enough sleep. Sleep can also help with stress, which is a trigger for acne, so hit the hay.

Having acne as an adult can be annoying, but if you deal with it properly you can clear it up in no time at all. See your dermatologist if your acne persists or worsens, as you may need a prescribed medication to clear up your acne.